The Team

Mac Chinsomboon


Mac Chinsomboon is a licensed real estate sales broker who takes a comprehensive approach to servicing his clients, fully understanding the importance of finding the right property that best fits the client’s lifestyle, family, current and future goals. Chinsomboon started in the business as a real estate investor himself and currently owns several multi-family properties in the Boston metro area. Having the mindset of an investor helps him understand the viewpoint of his clients as home owners, investors, and developers.

Chinsomboon has a BS in engineering, MBA in finance from MIT, and JD in intellectual property from Concord Law.

In addition to his experience in the residential markets of Boston and in particular, Cambridge, he also has extensive experience with business lease transactions for commercial retail operations and restaurants. Chinsomboon is a former technology management consultant and investment banker, and he has worked all over the US, parts of Asia, and Europe. He is also an avid athlete (rower, boxer, ice hockey, ski, volleyball), a certified scuba diver.

Chinsomboon has closed over 300+ purchase and sale transactions over the past several years – everything from the lows, to the peaks of the market, and the rebound that we’re currently in. He has experienced just about every issue that one could ever expect in a transaction – and how to head it off before it becomes a real or bigger issue.

“The definition of a “good deal” will mean different things to different people – it could mean the best price that takes into account a market inefficiency, or the best timing, or beating out the competition, or just the “right fit” for your circumstance – again, as with Life, it’s not always perfect, but I will do my best and you can be confident about that. Having taken many negotiations classes and trainings in the past (MIT, management consultant, investment banker), certainly doesn’t hurt as well – but nothing replaces my plethora of actual and practical experiences.”

Alexandra Conigliaro


Alexandra Conigliaro is a licensed real estate salesperson who focuses on providing elite client service to each and every individual with whom she works. She is dedicated to making the process of buying or selling a home enjoyable and smooth by tailoring her approach to service to each individuals’ specific needs.

Before embarking on her career in real estate, Conigliaro worked in Relationship Management at Brown Brothers Harriman, a financial firm in downtown Boston. She joined Brown Brothers after graduating from Harvard College with degrees in Psychology and Economics. While at Harvard she also played 4 years of varsity soccer.

A Dedham native, having attended Noble and Greenough school for high school, and spending a lengthy time at Harvard has allowed Conigliaro to obtain an in depth knowledge of Cambridge, Boston, and the surrounding towns, which allows her to be very knowledgeable in the realm of real estate in the Boston area.